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R-Evo 2015 is the latest R-Evo generation of the first “concept” mouthpiece which appeared on the market at the beginning of 2012.

R-Evo stands for Re-Evolution, a revolutionary mouthpiece in continuous development. After two years we are proud to present the new generation of this incredible mouthpiece.

There are some important new features: a shorter length, a new external shape which accommodates any ligature on the market, smaller external dimensions, an oval internal chamber which gives it its characteristic vintage sound, a small rollover baffle and the revolutionary projection of the internal geometry which gives it fluidity over the whole register and spot intonation. Subtones and overtones are also possible. The altissimo register is clean and round. If you like playing Jazz lush ballads or scream in a rock band, R-Evo will do the job for you - all you need is the skills to play both! Are you ready to try the most versatile mouthpiece on the market? Browse our available mouthpieces and complete our contact form to register your interest. We will respond as soon as possible.